Month: October 2017

Wow! I received the 2017 Edwin B. Parker Enduring Achievement Award

John Irwin, Jim Teece, and Ed Parker

I was surprised at this years Oregon Connections conference in Hood River, Oregon to be given the 2017 Edwin B. Parker Enduring Achievement Award.

The plaque reads…

“In Recognition of your Efforts, Accomplishments and Contributions to Telecommunications in Oregon”

On the nice handout they gave me it reads…

“2017 Edwin B. Parker Enduring Achievement Award

This award is presented to individuals whose contributions in telecommunications have been rendered with the greatest civility, who serve as a role model and mentor to many, and who have provided a lasting legacy influencing for years to come the course and future of telecommunications in Oregon.

Jim Teece embodies the essence of the Edwin B. Parker Enduring Achievement recognition. He is a “force of nature” for all facets of technology in southern Oregon and, indeed, throughout the country and even overseas. He has been instrumental in advancing broadband and wireless development efforts wherever he goes. Jim is a well-known community and technology leader beyond southern Oregon. He brings a strong sense of humor and passion to his efforts.

It’s a great honor.

I wrote about it on FB here –

Dec. 14, 2017 – Top 15 Things every Southern Oregon Entrepreneur Needs to Know to Launch and Thrive : SOREDI Launch Talk

I have been asked to give a 45 minute talk by SOREDI at Climate City Brewing in Grants Pass. I’m very excited about it because I get to follow on the heels of Trever Yarrish who spoke there last month. Grants Pass is a key part of Southern Oregon’s EcoSystem and the community is revitalizing itself in amazing ways. Any Entrepreneur from Southern Oregon will love my inspirational, funny talk. SOREDI does charge $15 if you are a non-member, but you will walk away with 15 things that will change your life. Such a Deal. I might even throw in 1 or 2 more.