My companies reflect my passions. Computers, Programming, Technology, Art and Connectivity.

Project A - Custom Software, eCommerce, Apps

Project A is an experienced company of people providing software services and hosting to local, regional, and national clients. We choose to live in the beautiful Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon for the lifestyle, but provide custom software and web development that spans the globe.

We are a small company by choice. Our goal is to provide highly tailored, white-glove services to selected customers, which range from global-enterprise ecommerce Hybris solutions to local WordPress builds for small business. And everything in between.

Solutions Engineered with Passion.

Art Authority - Helping bring all the world’s art to all the world

Prints & Apps for Art Lovers. Museum-approved top-quality reproductions through our long-established 1000Museums brand. Award-winning art exploration apps for Apple devices.

Prints & Services for Art Museums. Top-quality prints, notecards and postcards for your retail store. Increased exposure of and revenue from your collection and exhibitions.

Archival Quality Custom Printing for Art Creators. Custom fine art printing. Increased exposure and revenue from your work.

Southern Oregon Business Journal - Monthly Business Journal

We believe we are a journal for the economically curious, professionally inspired, and acutely motivated. We are also for the entrepreneur and the casual reader seeking to enrich understanding of current events, best practices and regulatory policies.

Through the encouragement of civic and community leaders who recognized a shortage of resources for a wide demographic of business and public businesses the Southern Oregon Business Journal was established in 2015.

The 15 counties of Southern Oregon have long struggled to effectively tell their story. Over the last decade many conversations have occurred in meetings of every kind about how we can market ourselves better. We work to help fill that need.

Business and industry in this part of Oregon ranges from historic agriculture and timber products industries to 21st Century manufacturing and high technology. We border the Pacific Rim and have an interstate highway through our mid-section tying us to the dynamic areas of San Francisco and Los Angeles to the south, and the heartbeat of the Northwest in Portland and Seattle. Our strategic location is an asset we utilize to our grand advantage. Over forty experts in business and industry are monthly contributing writers for The Southern Oregon Business Journal assisting readers interested in business development in all of seventeen industry sectors.

We occupy an area larger than seven American States and have a population of 1,500,000. Our potential is off the charts when we bind ourselves to a common thread that will help us excel in business and economic development that will also provide education, jobs and quality services to the population of the area.

It is our honor to tell the story of Southern Oregon.

The messages will address important issues that impact each of us. There will be reports on education, health and medicine, agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, timber products, fishing, energy, wines and wineries, the macro and micro economy, foreign trade, retail and government.

Welcome to the readership of Southern Oregon’s Business Journal.

Ashland Home Net - Internet, Cable TV, & Phone

Ashland Home Net is owned by Project A’s owners Dena Matthews and Jim Teece so of course when they acquired the internet service provider we developed their web presence.

AHN specializes in connecting people to the High Speed Internet service provided by Ashland Fiber Network. We were their first Gold Level Provider.

Providing Internet, Cable TV and VOIP Phone service in Ashland we are a local company competing with the bigger companies and pride ourselves on having reliable and friendly, local customer service.  The site provides a support center, rates and packages, channel guides and more.

Rogue Broadband - Jackson County Wireless

When it comes to connecting to the internet, people who live in town have great high speed options with Ashland Home Net in Ashland and Hunter and Charter in the rest of the valley.

If you are lucky enough to live in the rural parts of our county, you know connecting to the internet can be a challenge. Downloading can be near to impossible. Forget about streaming Netflix.

We have a solution.

Nearly two years ago, we launched in the southern end of the valley near emigrant lake. Our customers jumped at a chance to use our new service replacing the DSL or Exede wireless solution for the one we have.

Umpqua Broadband - High Speed Internet for Rural Douglas County

When it comes to connecting to the internet, people who live in town have great high speed options with DFN

If you are lucky enough to live in the rural parts of Douglas county, you know connecting to the internet can be a challenge. Downloading can be near to impossible. Forget about streaming Netflix.

We have a solution.

Rural homes, farms, ranches and businesses now have an option.  We have towers strategically located all over the Umpqua Valley.

We have hundreds of happy customers that have made the switch to Umpqua Broadband™, replacing their slow DSL or Exede wireless service.

Our solution is faster and more reliable.

A southern Oregon based, family-owned and operated company, Project A, Inc. purchased DC Wireless ISP in September of 2016 and re-launched it as Umpqua Broadband™.

We are now serving rural customers throughout Douglas County, Oregon. We can serve rural customers in Roseburg, Sutherlin, Myrtle Creek, Winston, Oakland, Riddle, Dillard, Glide, Tenmile, Camas Valley, Green, and Melrose.

Our sister company, Rogue Broadband™ serves Jackson County, Oregon.

We are now the largest Wireless ISP in Southern Oregon.

Umpqua Broadband™ is a service delivered in partnership by Ashland Home Net™ and Project A™.

Find out about the current rates and speed tiers here.

If you're interested in a FREE, no-obligation, on-site survey to determine if your rural home can benefit from our service, please fill out this form or call Umpqua Broadband at 541-672-3793. Let them know you're interested in Umpqua Broadband™ and they will fill in the form for you.

If you are a Douglas County customer feel free to come by the office or call for any support you need.

845 SE Mosher Ave, Roseburg, OR 97470
+1 (541) 672-3793