From Community Leaders

"Jim is a dynamic and engaging speaker. He does such a great job analyzing and understanding his audience, they leave his talks not only well informed but entertained too!" -- Dana Preston, Membership Development Manager, Ashland Chamber of Commerce

"Jim Teece is a dynamic and engaging speaker who brings his expertise, passion, and humor to every presentation." -- Brigitte Nickel - Director of Marketing, Ashland Partners

"Jim connects with an audience on a deeply human level, engaging them in important topics and sharing his joy for life and work." -- Chava Florendo, Senior Director of Annual Giving and Special Gifts, SOU Foundation

"Thank you for sharing your thoughts and challenges... You are a vital and inspiring part of our community" -- Tom Harrison, Harcourts Oregon Opportunities

From Workshop Evaluation Forms

" Jim Teece told me to be HOT and remain HOT, and I am happy to say that my level of HOTness has increased greatly after attending Jim's 'Online Reputation Management' seminar "

" I have attended several seminars given by Jim Teece in the local business community and always take away valuable action items to implement in my marketing strategies. Jim presents his material through real-life experiences on a personal level, making it easy to relate to the marketing strategies he teaches."

"Jim Teece is a valuable resource for the Rogue Valley business community by revealing his internet marketing tips and tricks in a way that is easy for entrepreneurs, at any stage of business growth, to understand"

" #jimteeceisawesome is the honest truth "

From Southern Oregon University Students

“Well it’s not an exaggeration to say that Internet Marketing was my favorite class I’ve taken at SOU, and I’m lucky to have it be the last class I took before graduation...All in all an awesome term. Thanks, Jim!” -- Micaela S.

“In fact, I do not like Marketing and Marketing classes, but this class have changed my mind. The first class that I took it with you, I thought I am in the course of master things. I like the way that you teach and inspire your students....I am really lucky to be your student.” -- Maha K.

“I was thoroughly inspired listening to Jim Teece talk about his involvement in the community and passion for his many interests...It was always a class I was eager to attend and excited to pick Jim’s brain.”--Lynn S.

“I honestly think you should consider becoming a professor, you make even the simple terms more simple for us to understand and I truly appreciated that...Thank you again so much for this class Jim. You are awesome and I think more of SOU needs to see that.”-- Tyler B.

“[I]would recommend this class to anyone interested in the growth of internet marketing and how the E commerce platforms works.” -- Julian G.

“This has been one of my favorite classes at SOU and I’m glad that I was able to take it during my last quarter. Jim was a wonderful professor, and I really enjoyed how he related every topic that we learned in class to a real world example that he is working on.” -- Sydney L.

“All in all, great class Jim.  I realllllyyyyyyyyy cannot show my appreciation and gratitude enough for how much time and energy you put into teaching this class while we all know you were running around dipping your toe in a million other projects, as well as running your own businesses...Thanks for not only the vast internet marketing knowledge, but the general advice on being a working adult as well.”-- Maddy L.

“I enjoyed the class immensely. It was my favorite class from my entire academic career at Southern Oregon University.”-- Bella B.

“I really had a great experience in this class. I really enjoyed every class period we had. Jim is a great instructor with lots of relevant and real world information and tools to share. This class has solidified that I want to pursue marketing at SOU.”-- John P.

“I feel like this class gave me the most useful tools that I can use and apply to my personal and professional life.” -- Sierra I.

“I was not very happy to wake up at 8 for this class, but week after week I started to like waking up early having my case coffee, coming to an interesting class...I will always remember the class and how fun and interesting topics we cover.”--Seham A.

“I want to tell Jim how he personally inspired me through his class… This was by far the class that I enjoyed the most, so I wasn’t going to miss a single minute of it”. -- Heather R.

“I loved everything I learned” -- Ashton W.

“Jim did a great job creating an educational course that provided a “safe place” to explore new creative ways of thinking...Would I take it again? Heck yes, BUT only if Jim is teaching”-- Jasmine M.

“BA 436 With Jim Teece has been one of my favorite classes. I have learned so much in just 40 HOURS.”-- Chloe W.

“I think you are an awesome professor. You have been so honest and so direct in teaching us vital information about important subjects that revolve around us in the world today. Thank you so much for such a wonderful and enriching class.”-- Mohammad A.

“Many of my teachers don’t fill me with confidence as to their actual knowledge on real-world subject matter. But everything I learned in this class, I have actually run into in the real world! I feel like I can actually work in Marketing and know what I am doing!” -- Danielle O.

“Jim is a very helpful individual who clearly just wants to make an impact on his community.”-- Blake H.

“This class should be offered at least once a year and taught only by Jim. This was one of the most effective classes I’ve taken at SOU and i wish there were more like it.”-- Anthony N.

“This class has done so much for me. Thank you Jim Teece for everything!”-- Michael S.